The Just Some Apps Technology Consultancy started with the desire to view technology as a craft, quality in consulting and delivery a must, and a backbone of integrity in business a given.

It’s with these values, that we’ve had the great opportunity to work with our clients and our valued partners in the Salesforce ecosphere.

The same way that people are constantly learning and evolving, Just Some Apps is a business in evolution. We’ve made the decision to focus less on the technology platform but focus more  specifically on the non-profit space and provide technology agnostic services.

Our specialization will continue to be the Salesforce platform and apps that connect to Salesforce, but we will also be offering support and implementation services for other CRMs and technology applications that are focused on supporting non-profits continue to grow and expand their reach.

Our Approach

We aren’t sales people – we are consultants and technologists. From the first call, our goal is to understand your business challenges and see how we can work together to resolve them. 

We do what works for you

Often times, consulting companies will come in with a pre-defined set of models and processes. We have those too. But frankly, we’d much rather meet you where you are, understand the inner workings of your organization, and fit in to the model that works best for you. 

Whether or not your team is well versed in technology applications, or you have stringent or nonexistent implementation processes or you simply don’t know where to start, the Just Some Apps compact consultative team can fit in wherever there is a need.

We offer three engagement options:

Interested in learning more? Let’s talk!